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Matt Chait

Featured Guest January 16th 2019 Matt Chait, playwright extraordinaire.  His latest offering "A Misunderstanding" is enjoying rave reviews onstage at The Complex in Hollywood.  It is a truly gripping theatrical experience. 

Roberto 'Sanz' Sanchez

Featured guest January 9th 2019.  Roberto Sachez is a TV and film actor, a stunt man, a Producer, Director and screen writer.  A native of Cuba Roberto served honorably in the U. S. military.  A powerful and fun man. 

Broadcast from  Sunset Gower Studios Hollywood  from October 10th, 2018 through  January 2nd, 2019

Ronald R. Irwin, J.D. a/k/a

Dr. Ron with Dawn Noel

First Show of 2019 broadcast January 2nd Producer, host and featured guest Dawn Noel discusses his goals for bringing health, wealth and happiness to his audience in 2019 and a review of some the 18 books created and published by Ron Irwin  

Marilena Dalbey &

Lauri Smetona

Featured Guests December 26th 2018 representing the true miracle products from RevealU skin care.  Ron Irwin will describe how these products truly worked a miracle for him and his guests will tell the whole story. 

Kirk Taylor

Featured Guest December 19th 2018

Accomplished actor known for his role as 'Payback' in the Oscar nominated movie "Full Medal Jacket."  Also from such hit TV shows as NCIS: Los Angeles, Chicago Hope, Law & Order, Ghostwriter and many more.  

Melissa Welles Murphy

Featured Guest December 12th 2018

Certified Natural Health Professional, Holistic Health Professional Director of the American School of Natural Health Sciences.

Kelly Brown

Featured Guest December 12th 2018

The "Happy Holistic" Certified Natrual Health Profesional who believes that happiness is essential to good health.  Very well credentialed.

Douglas Haverty

Featured Guest December 5th 2018

Doug is a creator of musical theatre, a gifted and talented man who brings passion and joy to his admiring audiences most recently in A Carol Christmas. 

Shelley Callahan

Featured Guest November 22nd 2018

Shelley is passionate about children.  In 2006 she co-founded Books on Wheels providing free books to children in low income neighborhoods.  Currently she works with Children Incorporated reaching over 250,000 children worldwide. 

Em Hoggett

Featured Guest November 21st 2018

Formerly of London, England piano based indie artist Em Hoggett moved to Los Angeles where she is using the power of music to purge the pain of rape for herself and others. 

Wade Westheimer

International Petroleum Consultant

Reveals the Oil Boom in the Permian Basin


Friday, November 16th 2018 

Patrick Kilpatrick

Featured Guest November 14th 2018

Rugged yet gentile Patrick Kilpatrick is one of Hollywood's legendary character actors and now author of his hit book:  "DYING FOR LIVING: Sins and Confessions of a Hollywood Villian and Libertine Patriot."   

Daniel Sugimoto 

Featured Guest November 7th, 2018

Creator of a new musical "MY DATE WITH DEATH - A Musical Romance." This time with a happy ending.  A young new talent with a powerful story. 

Harper Starling

Featured Guest October 31st, 2018

Her previous hit "Euphoria" hit No. 1 and just released "One Call Away" already # 4 on Billboard Breakout Chart

Josefina Lopez

Featured Guest October 24th 2018

Multi talented, multi award winning playwright, author, activist and business woman.

Jaki Nelson

Featured Guest October 17th 2018 

How her very bad day with a horse led her to great success as a singer songwriter. 

Dawn Noel  

Featured Guest October 10th 2018

Topics include her Broadway shows, dancing her movies, her tour with Madonna. love of life and travel.