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September 11th 2019 Featured guest Ted Lange best known for his role as 'nice guy' bartender Isaac on TV's The Love Boat, Ted invariably played a heavy in earlier blaxploitation film roles.  Severely typecast in his long-running, rather featherweight role, he played it low-keyed for many years and found renewed respect on stage as a writer/director/producer/actor. He earned several stage awards for his efforts, including the Renaissance Man Theatre Award from the NAACP and the Paul Robeson Award from AFI.

September 4th 2019 Featured Guests Ron Irwin, Juan Carlos Arvelo and Roni Weissman discuss the many benefits of world travel. 

Kiki Ebsen Featured guest August 28th 2019.  Daughter of reknown actor Buddy Ebsen, Kiki has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in music as a singer, a songwriter and keyboardist.  Recently she has released her 6th CD. 

Juan Carlos Arvelo Featured guest August 21st 2019. Juan Carlos and host Ron Irwin discuss their recent trip to the Dominican Republic.  

Daniel Mills Featured guest August 14th 2019.  This is Danny's second appearance on The Dr Ron Show and there will be more.  He is an awesome entertainer focusing on music by such legends as Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley

J Ferguson  Featured  Guest August 7th 2019.  J is a talented television and film actor.  He is also a Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Writer, Casting Director, Stunt man and all around very nice guy with an abundance of skill and drive.  

Chick Vennera Featured Guest July 31st 2019 From Broadway to Hollywood Chick Vennera has had a long and rich acting career.  He has enjoyed major roles in such great hits as "Yanks" and "The Milagro Beanfield War."  Chick has also had roles in TV hits "L. A. Heat" and "JAG" and more.  Now he is devoted to helping others succeed in the tough but fun world of acting.  

Elizabeth Newman Featured Guest July 24th 2019.  Elizabeth holds a B.A. in Theatre Studies and a B.A. in Art History from Yale University and an M.F.A. in Film Production from Boston University.  She is also currently the Co-Director of the Filigree Theatre Company in Austin, Texas.  

Sheryl Benko Featured Guest July 17th 2019Sheryl received her B.A. in Communications from the University of Colorado and quickly made her mark in the film industry,  She is credited for her work in such block buster hits as "TITANIC", "INGLORIOUS BASTARDS" and "THOR" to name but a few.  But now  Sheryl has debuted her first novel:  "THE LAST of WILL."  

Jason Stuart  Featured Guest July 10th, 2019.   After years of steady work in film and television, and approaching 150 credits on his IMDB page, actor and comedian Jason Stuart has achieved a pinnacle of success many actors only dream of. "For the last few years, people have started to approach me and say, 'You're that guy,'" he explains with his characteristic gravelly laugh.

Stephanie Moore  Featured Guest July 3rd 2019  Stephanie is a graduate of Texas State University and currently Co-Managing Director of the Filigree Theatre of Austin, Texas.  She is also Producer of the West Coast premiere of "100 Planes"  opening at the Broadwater Black Box in Hollywood July 18th.

Ronald R. Irwin, JD a/k/a Ron Irwin on June 26th 2019 discusses how and why Wells Fargo Bank while the smallest of America's four largest banks ranks NUMBER ONE in losses due to multiple fines and judgments from civil litigation.  Do you want to bank with Well's Fargo?   Under the horrific leadership of John Stumpf CEO Wells Fargo lost $38 BILLION in fines and penalties while Stumpf received over $168 million.  Next it was Tim Sloan who perfomed poorly and now its C. Allen Parker and sadly the beat goes on.  

A GREAT read!  It has been well over a half a century since Ron Irwin had his first totally unexpected introduction to the ancient Japanese poetry style known as Haiku.  At age 15 Ron happened to come upon the book "Cherry Blossoms" a collection of tradtional Japanese Haiku.  So powerful was that experience that Ron instantly felt an unrelenting drive to visit Japan and the rest of Asia.  Two years later his journey began first as a Marine and for many years to follow.  Finally he wrote this beautiful book with his own take on the Haiku form.  Check it out. Just CLICK on the image to the left. 

Elia Petridis Featured Guest June 19th 2019  Elia Petridis is a distinguished director, screenwriteer and creative director with more than a decade of solid performance   Elia is best known for writing and directing The Man Who Shook The Hand of Vicenti Fernandez starring Academy Award winning actor Ernest Borgnine.  Currently Elia is a rapidly rising super star in virtual reality production  

Richard Jellerson Featured Guest June 19th 2019.  Richard Jellerson served two tours of duty in the Republic of Vietnam as a U.S. Army helicopter pilot  Like every other veteran of that war his memories are rich in painful details but his path to healing was very unique and presented in compelling and gripping style in his book:  "The Healing.  Pan Am Flight 001."  

Debra Tash  Featured Guest June 12th 2019 Debra Tash is an award winning American author, journalist and speaker.  Last Call - America is a gripping tale set in the not too distant future.  The American government has been shredded and the country is now under the oppressive control of Homeland Security.  A very unlikely bond is formed between two very different people amidst the deep melee that has become America.  

Naomi Brett Rourke Featured Guest June 5th 2019 Naomi Brett Rouke is a novelist, a teacher and theatre Director.  She is also a survivor having been brought to the edge of death with a stroke only to recover and move magnificently forward.  

Abel Alvarado Featured Guest June 5th 2019.  Abel Alvarado is Executive Producer and Costume Designer of BROWN & OUT  at Casa 0101 Theatre.  He is also an alumna of Los Angeles College's Theatre Academy.  

Bree Pavey Special guest May 29th 2019.  Bree Pavey is the Producing Director of Young Playwrights Festival running June 6th through June 30th 2019 at the Blank Theatre in Hollywood.  

SPECIAL NOTE:  When you click on the past shows button above you will only see Marc P. Yablonka for the May 29th show.  BOTH Marc and Bree are on that show.

Marc P. Yablonka Featured guest May 29th 2019.  Marc is a noted author and journalist who tells of his great adventures as  a journalist in Vietnam during the war in his new book Vietnam Bao Chi.  

Daniel Mills Featured guest May 22nd 2019.  He is keeping the "Rat Pack" alive and still entertaining as the greatest crooner ever to grace our world Francis Albert Sinatra a/k/a Frank Sinatra.  He nails it.  

Steven Christopher Parker  Featured guest May 15th 2019.  A highly accomplished film and television actor and Producer, Director and Co-writer of the highly accalimed musical Shame of Thrones just opened at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Dr Ron Irwin Featured guest May 8th 2019 .  Prolific author and host of The Dr Ron Show discusses his latest book, a delightful embrace in the ancient art of Japanese Haiku but with a contemporary spin.  One lucky listener will win a free copy of this book.  

Dr Ken Best  

Featured guest May 1st 2019.  Author of the brilliant new book "11 Best Ways to Face Life's Challanges."  Also a powerful advocate of holistic health.   

Laurie Finkelstein

Featured guest April 24th 2019.  Laurie is the brilliant author of the award winning book Next Therapist Please.  She donates a portion of her book sales proceeds to the National Alliance for Mental Illness in an effort to help those in need. 

Jason Ellsworth

Featured guest April 24th 2019.  Just completed a hilarious feature film involving a bizzarre invasion of sharks.  

Matteo Featured guest April 24th 2019.  A very funny man and co-star in the new shark movie that already has opportunities for significant distribution but listen as they tell the whole story.   

Jacquelin Lorraine Schofield

Featured guest Aptil 17th 2019. From the Tony nominated musical Sister Act, Jacquelin Lorraine Schofield stars in the dual roles of Deloris Van Cartier/Sister Mary Clarence leading a cast of 20 actors directed by Rigo Tejeda, musically directed by Gabrielle Maldonado and choreographed Tania Possick

Kirk Taylor

Featured guest April 10th 2019.  Appeared in Academy Award nominated "Full Metal Jacket" and in the soon to be released feature film"Revivall." On the air Kirk signed on to play Colonel John Strong in the up coming film "Too Numb to Lie Down."  


Featured guest April 3rd 2019.  Fred is one of a very small percentage of people who is transgender.  Fred was once Diane but is now Fred by concious choice.  Curiosity overwhelms me in so many ways so do listen.  

Maria Gobetti

Featured guest March 27th 2019.  Maria is an accomplished actress, producer and director.  Among her numerous accomplishments she produced the world premier of "Showpony."  Maria amd Tom Ormeny are co-founders and Artistic Directors of the Victory Theatre Center in Burbank, California 

Sara Botsford

Featured guest March 27th 2019.  Born in a small town in northern Canada.  By age six she was already acting in the role of the Virgin Mary.  As her career expanded she tried to kill Meryl Streep, divorced Robert Redford and bedded Kevin Costner.  Next she will explore THE END of SEX.  

Christina Andersen 

Featured guest March 20th 2019  She came from parents who tried to end her life before she was even born. She endured hatred, scorn and humiliation.  Then she found God.  Her powerful story is now revealed in her new book Love Devotion Hell.

Michele Schultz

Featured guest March 13th 2019.  Michele holds an MFA in Acting from Mason Gross School of the Arts , Rutgers University and she enjoys a rich and impressive resume of performing art.  Now she is about to launch her next adventure The Secret of Chimneys.

Douglas Haverty

Featured guest March 13th 2019.   Douglas Haverty is one of the most prolific and talented masters of the stage.  Once again he prepares to entertain with the Group Rep at the Lonny Chapman Theatre.  

Ada Luz Pla

Featured Guest March 6th 2019.  

Ada Lus Pla is a Puerto Rican born actress, producer and writer.  known for "Wheels," "Shrink" and "Reservations."  She recently was in "Canal Street" and has appeared on such great TV shows as "Jane the Virgin" and "The Shield."  

Larry Eisenberg & Jackson Kendall

Featured guests February 27th 2019 Two veteran actors of different generations talk about their rolls in the smash hit play Tuesdays With Morrie currently at the Sierra Madre Playhouse 

Arturo Encinas 

Featured guest February 20th 2019

Recently co-starred with Jon Voight in Ray Donovan, and with Jamie Lee Curtis in Scream Queens and he enjoys a recurring male lead role in Telemundos' soap operas.  

Bruce Waterman

Special Guest February 20th 2019

Bruce Waterman is also known as "SUPER CBD MAN" will discuss the many benefits of Cannabidiol oil currently the rage of the world for its many curative properties.  

Juan Carlos Arvelo

Featured guest February 13th 2019

Most recently known for his role in the Golden Globe winning and Oscar nominated animated hit film "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse."  In 2010 he won the "Outstanding Achievement in Cinema Award" by the UNESCO Youth Commission.  

Odalys Nanin

Featured guest February 13th 2019  

Cuban born, American raised playwright, actor, award winning director, producer and founder and artistic director of Macha.  She has been acknowledged as one of the best of the best by L.A. Weekly, Backstage Critics, L.A. Times Critics Choice to name but a few.  Now she talks about "Frida: Stroke of Passion."  

Eddie Garza

Featured guest February 6th 2019

Vegan Chef Eddie Garza was recently acclaimed by Foodable Network when they named Eddie one of the TOP 20 plant based chefs in the world.  

Sevier Crespo

Featured guest February 6th 2019

Award winning actor, producer and writer Sevier Crespo has been involved in numerous film and TV projects.  He believes more than finding success one must make success and that he has done and keeps on doing.  

Learn about a dangerous scam currently sweeping the nation so you do NOT become one of the many thousands of victims.  Ron Irwin Reports.  

Gloria Laino 

Featured guest January 30th 2019

Gloria Laino is a stage, film, and TV actress best known for her role as "The Mexican," an insane asylum lunatic in the FX award-winning hit drama series "American Horror Story: Asylum." 

Lauri Smetona &

Marilena Dalbey Special guests January 30th 2019 to discuss a truly magic box, a booth that when you emerse yourself it you regain vigor and energy at a truly amazing level.  This is very REAL.  

Alejandro De Hoyos 

Featured guest January 23rd 2019                Veteran television and film star and Executive Producer of a powerful new film "The Contractor" which looks behind the scenes of military operations. 

Craig Deering

Special Guest January 23rd 2019 Craig Deering is an Actor and Director best known for 'Asylum of Fear' discusses his numerous works in progress. 

Matt Chait

Featured Guest January 16th 2019 Matt Chait, playwright extraordinaire.  His latest offering "A Misunderstanding" is enjoying rave reviews on stage at The Complex in Hollywood.  It is a truly gripping theatrical experience. 

Roberto 'Sanz' Sanchez

Featured guest January 9th 2019.  Roberto Sachez is a TV and film actor, a stunt man, a Producer, Director and screen writer.  A native of Cuba Roberto served honorably in the U. S. military.  A powerful and fun man. 

Broadcast from  Sunset Gower Studios Hollywood  from October 10th, 2018 through  January 2nd, 2019

Ronald R. Irwin, J.D. a/k/a

Dr. Ron with Dawn Noel

First Show of 2019 broadcast January 2nd Producer, host and featured guest Dawn Noel discusses his goals for bringing health, wealth and happiness to his audience in 2019 and a review of some the 18 books created and published by Ron Irwin  

Marilena Dalbey &

Lauri Smetona

Featured Guests December 26th 2018 representing the true miracle products from RevealU skin care.  Ron Irwin will describe how these products truly worked a miracle for him and his guests will tell the whole story. 

Kirk Taylor

Featured Guest December 19th 2018

Accomplished actor known for his role as 'Payback' in the Oscar nominated movie "Full Medal Jacket."  Also from such hit TV shows as NCIS: Los Angeles, Chicago Hope, Law & Order, Ghostwriter and many more.  

Melissa Welles Murphy

Featured Guest December 12th 2018

Certified Natural Health Professional, Holistic Health Professional Director of the American School of Natural Health Sciences.

Kelly Brown

Featured Guest December 12th 2018

The "Happy Holistic" Certified Natrual Health Profesional who believes that happiness is essential to good health.  Very well credentialed.

Douglas Haverty

Featured Guest December 5th 2018

Doug is a creator of musical theatre, a gifted and talented man who brings passion and joy to his admiring audiences most recently in A Carol Christmas. 

Shelley Callahan

Featured Guest November 22nd 2018

Shelley is passionate about children.  In 2006 she co-founded Books on Wheels providing free books to children in low income neighborhoods.  Currently she works with Children Incorporated reaching over 250,000 children worldwide. 

Em Hoggett

Featured Guest November 21st 2018

Formerly of London, England piano based indie artist Em Hoggett moved to Los Angeles where she is using the power of music to purge the pain of rape for herself and others. 

Wade Westheimer

International Petroleum Consultant

Reveals the Oil Boom in the Permian Basin


Friday, November 16th 2018 

Patrick Kilpatrick

Featured Guest November 14th 2018

Rugged yet gentile Patrick Kilpatrick is one of Hollywood's legendary character actors and now author of his hit book:  "DYING FOR LIVING: Sins and Confessions of a Hollywood Villian and Libertine Patriot."   

Daniel Sugimoto 

Featured Guest November 7th, 2018

Creator of a new musical "MY DATE WITH DEATH - A Musical Romance." This time with a happy ending.  A young new talent with a powerful story. 

Harper Starling

Featured Guest October 31st, 2018

Her previous hit "Euphoria" hit No. 1 and just released "One Call Away" already # 4 on Billboard Breakout Chart

Josefina Lopez

Featured Guest October 24th 2018

Multi talented, multi award winning playwright, author, activist and business woman.

Jaki Nelson

Featured Guest October 17th 2018 

How her very bad day with a horse led her to great success as a singer songwriter. 

Dawn Noel  

Featured Guest October 10th 2018

Topics include her Broadway shows, dancing her movies, her tour with Madonna. love of life and travel.