Ron Irwin

One and a Half Pinoy 

  A true literary classic.  The ultimate feel good story centered on two teenagers with incredible talent who confront deep adversity and ultimately win big. 



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Thirteen year old Noel comes to America from the rural Philippines with his mother, Felina.  Soon they move next to the budding film star, seventeen year old Aija and her dad Dave.  Aija discovers a joyous and powerful bit of magic in her new friend Noel.  The magic?  Noel has the best singing voice she has ever heard.  With a lot of help and direction from Aija, Noel lands a major recording contract and quickly has his first huge pop hit.  But then one day Noel and his mom are threatened with possible jail and deportation.  Noel’s super star singing career is in serious danger of vanishing even faster than it launched all because of one very evil man.  How will it all work out?  What happens to Noel and his mother?  What happens to Aija’s future?  What happens to the evil neighbor? 

It is a magical story and a truly fantastic adventure.  One and a Half Pinoy is pure magic wrapped in danger and challenge and ultimate joy.