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A GREAT story based on a real life as first presented in his autobiography "Live Die Live Again." 

After an amazing wild ride and finally finding the woman of his dreams Irwin dropped dead in his home from Congestive Heart Failure in December 2012.  

While in ICU a doctor told his family that IF he survived they would have to put him in a home because he would never walk again.

Then for the very first time he discovered true deep love.  Today he walks a half marathon every day .

The TV series is coming but you can read about it now.  Just click on the book.  


Following are a few scenes from the show. 

It Ain't Paint Mommy

Five year old Ronnie is sitting on the back stairs to his home. He

is weak - almost unconcious and he is very scared.

His once white tee shirt is now totally red, covered in his blood

after eing hit on his head with a brick.  His mother comes home 

from work and upon seeing him angrily shouts: 

"You're going to be in big trouble with your father Ronnie for playing

with his paint."

"It ain't paint mommy" he softly replies.  "It is my blood."  


Nine year old Ronnie hears a sudden burst of loud shouting filled with hatred and cursing.  He looks towards the kitchen and sees his mother chasing after his father.  Mom is flailing a very large butcher knife; dad is running feversihly trying to avoid mom's attack.  In pure terror and panic Ronnie runs upstairs and crawls under his bed all the way up against the wall.  After what seems like a very long time he hears footsteps climbing up stairs.  The shouting has stopped and mom arrives at the bedroom looking for Ronnie.  "It's OK now Ronnie, your father is gone.  Come on out."  Very unsure but with no other real choice he crawls out from under the bed.  The final chapter in his families life is about to slam shut,  

Drawing on his experiences in Asia in general

and the Philippines in particular Ron has written 

a witty and compelling novel focusing on a Filipina

mother and her super talented boy who come to

America and discover two extremely nice 

neighbors and another who wants them 

deported.  Sounds a lot like modern times but

this story has a beautiful ending.  CLICK ON BOOK

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A Most Important Lesson

It was the last class on the very last day of High School and everyone had left the room except for Ron and a beautiful blue eyed blonde named Cindy.  Ron had oggled Cindy since their freshman year but never had the nerve to ask her out because as an Arden Shore boy he knew that he was pretty much a leper.  But why did she stay behind this one day?  So Ron turned, looked her straight in her beautful eyes and confessed that for four years he had wanted to ask her out.  Then Cindy said:  "Wow! For four years I wanted you to ask me out and was very sad that you never did."  Ron was utterly stunned, his jaw dropped as he sunk into sadness.  Too late.  He would be leaving very soon for the Marine Corps.  It was then he realized that he had just learned a most important lesson.  Never be afraid to ask.  Even a no is no worse than where you are and it could also be a yes.  Damn!  

Hiroshima Where he Becomes Boketto-san. 

The year is 1966. only 21 years after the United States dropped a nuclear

bomb on the City of Hiroshima, Japan.  Ron is enroute from Tokyo back to Chu Lai,

Vietnam when he gets a couple of days lay over near Hiroshima.  He makes friends

with a local band and they invite him to join in their singing competiton.  He is

scared  but he can't say no to his friends or they lose face.  So Ron, undeniably

American military by his age and hair cut goes up on stage, stares back at the 200

Japanese citizens of Hiroshima staring at him.  He sings "Home of the Range" and

miracuolusdy wins second place.  One of the band members smiles and calls him

Boketto-san as he hands Ron his trophy.  

9 1 1 What's Your Emergency

Ron is sitting at his desk talking with his old friend George in Chicago.  It is about 5:30 p.m. when Ron says: "Gotta go now George.  I really look forward to seeing you in a few months."  Then he ends the  call,stands up and stops breathing, totally irreversibly stops breathing.  He is quickly getting weak and going dark but as he falls face forward to the floor he has just enough left in him to punch 9 1 1 and hit send. His last concious memeory was the 9 1 1 operators faintly saying "9 1 1 what's your emergency?"  He could not respond - he was out flat lined .   Miraculously local paramedics find him and begin to work on getting him back to life and over to the hospital where he spends the next 26 days mostly in ICU.  

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