Ron Irwin

California Coast Photo Art Book

It may not seem like all that much; just 48 pages.  But it took over ten years to take just the right photos including dramatic aerial views of San Diego Harbor and Long Beach Harbor.  The images in this book are amongst the best of the best and beautifully represent the visual joy that is Southern Californaia from Malibu to Ensenada on the Baja California Peninsula. 

And there is more, much more...........................................



Buy "California Coast" from the publisher, Lulu and you will pay $59.95 PLUS at least $3.99 shipping and handling for a total of $63.94.  It terms of lasting beauty it is worth every penny but you can pay less and also help the neediest children in the world, all over the world including quite possibly in your own neighborhood because suffering children know no boundaries. 

Buy "California Coast" direct from me and pay ONLY $48.00 TOTAL, NO SHIPPING, NO HANDLING, NO TAX.  That is a 25% DISCOUNT and it gets better.  Because when you buy direct from me I will donate $3.00 from each book sold to "Save the Children Fund" the best intenational charity to aid the neediast children everywhere on earth.  You get a magnfiicent photo art book, save 25% and help truly needy children all in one easy transaction. 

Here is what you do:

Send your CHECK or MONEY ORDER  to: RON IRWIN at

1317 N. San Fernando Blvd., No. 206, Burbank, CA 91504. 

Please make your check or money order payable to:  RON IRWIN in the amount of $48.00 and be sure to include your ship to address. 

The book will be sent directly to you within just a few days of receipt. 



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