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ACTION Hollywood  is a team of veteran and accomplished industry professionals who came together to help emerging new talent to achieve greater success faster.  They have developed a 30 day immersive program that helps the new talent learn the skills and techniques neceassay to accelerate and amplify their path to success.  Each participant will be interviewed live on TV and radio and will have interviews of them published in publications with one million total readership.  Addtionally they will receive hands on guidance in such important matters as how to best improve their IMDb rankings and how to effectively prepare and distribute their own press releases as well as improved audition skills.  They have also designed very specific areas that can provide essential services to emerging talent at extremely affordable prices,


You have something to say but how do you say it to whom do you say it to makes a tremendous difference in its benefit.  For some actors this job is done well by their full time publicist, but for many others they are not yet at a point in their career when they can afford that service and yet they very much need to write an excellent press release and equally importantly distribute it effectively.  To address this critical

issue ACTION Hollywood offers a very powerful two day hands on, one on one seminar.  On the first day you will learn the key elements for every press release.  You will walk through the process and learn how to best write a compelling press release and how to clearly determine and reach your intended audience.  Your home work will be to write a press release and on day two you will learn how to cost effectively distribute that press release.  There are several pay for play distribution services and they can be helpful but at a cost often running into the hundreds of dollars.  The fact is with some knowledge which you will be given and a little bit of effort on your part you can quickly design your very own distribution list.  Now you will be ready ro alert the world of your very own "breaking news" as it happens at virtually no further cost to you.  All of this for the extremely modest tuition of $195.00.


Every actor knows that his or her IMDb ranking carries plenty of weight in the film and television industry.  Yet the vast majority of actors have no idea on how they can improve their IMDb ranking with information already available to them but not yet included on their IMDb page.  For many the solution they believe is found in a service that brings many actors together digitally where each one can access other actors IMDb page in exchange for their page also getting hits.  For awhile it typically does deliver an improvement but IMDb has caught on and now they use logarithms to catch people using this approach and when discovered their ranking collapses.  For only $225.00 ACTION Hollywood will thoroughly examine your IMDb page and design a specific set of improvements that provide lasting enhancement for the rest of your career.  This is a two meeting service.  During the first meeting we will gather  all essential information.  Then we will begin the improvemenrt process on your IMDb page.  On the second phase of the process we will sit down and show you what was done and how going forward you can make certain that these improvements continue.  A few hours of your time and a one time payment of $225.00 for a lifetime of improved IMDb ranking; is it worth it?  

AND SO MUCH MORE With our full package that includes Press Release guidance, IMDb enhancements and also real world live radio and television experiences.  But to help you get to know us better and frankly to help us get to know you better we have designed these two very specific services so that you may test the waters before moving in on the bigger program. And for anyone who moves on to the full program within 90 days of either or both of these two services you will receive credit for 90% of whatever you paid for these services.  That is about as fair as it can get so we hope we can soon welcome you aboard.


Now meet the core team.

Ronald R. Irwin, JD a/k/a Ron Irwin  At age 4 Ron was a model and he also made records with his father who was a band leader. After high school he served in the Marines for four years before returning to school and earning his law degree and becoming a lawyer.  But he soon discoverd his true passion - public relations - and along the way worked with such notables as William Holden, Phil Donohue. Barry Levinson, Louis Gossett, Jr. , Johnny Crawford and Ted Lange.  For nearly four decades Ron produced and hosted AM, FM and digital radio shows in greater Los Angeles.  Ron is also an author of 19 books.  Now he is thrilled to be working with his two associates on this great project to help new talent grow and succeed.  

Dawn Noel After attending a prestigous High School for the Performing Arts she went on and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of the Arts in Phildelphia, PA.  She quickly found herself on Broadway in The Lion King, In The Heights and Fame before setting off on world tours with both Madonna and Jennifer Lopez.  Later she landed leading roles in Life is Too Short, Devatha, Salsa Lessons, To The New Girl, Grand Slammed and My Normal.  Her television crdits include All My Children, NCIS, NCIS-LA and Glee.  Dawn has produced two highly acclaimed multiple award winning films; Shattered Pitch starring Chad Coleman and 22 Years.  She is thrilled to be hosting the ACTION Hollywood TV Show and helping new talent succeed.

Juan Carlos Arvelo  found his way to Hollywood on a long and distinguished path from his native Puerto Rico where he was awarded the prestigious Oustanding Achievment in Cinema award by the UNESCO Youth Commission.  He was also the lead actor in the television film Pales y la Rumba de Esquina playing the role of early 20th Century Puerto Rican poet  Luis Pales Matos.  His performance as the leading role in Darwin's Thoughts earned him  the Distinguished Young Actor award.  Juan Carlos is bright, cheerful, abundantly talented and succesful actor thrilled to be a part of ACTION Hollywood where he can help others move rapidly towards true success in a fun but often difficult job  

The Basic 30 Day Program

1:  You will be prepared for and then you will be professionally interviewed on LIVE television.  You will be critiqued after the interview as well and you will be provided with a link to the show which you may place on your website.  This TV appearance will be immediately placed on your IMDb page as well.  Your interview time will be approximately 22 minutes.

2:  You will be preapred for and then you will be professionally interviewed on LIVE radio .  You will be critiqued after the interview as well and you will be provided with a link to the show which you may place on your website.  This radio appearance will be immediately placed on your IMDb page as well.  Your interview time will be approximately 22 minutes.

3:  Based largely on these two show appearances a biographical article of you focusing on your career successes and aspirations will be profesionally written and submitted to several publications for publication.  The publications have a combined readership of one million readers.  As each publication publishs your biographical article that too will be instantly added to your IMDb page.

4:  You will be shown several ways by which you can enhance the overall look and effectiveness of your IMDb page which will help you to achieve a better IMDb ranking; something that can be very useful for casting directors to consider.  

5:  You will be guided in how and when to write a press release and then the most effective ways of distributing your press releases. This will require approximately two 90 minute sessions.  

6:  The overall goal is to give each actor the tools necessary to enable him or her to essentailly act as their own publicist until their careers have advanced to the point when they can easily afford the very desirable services of a good PR professional.  To that end there will be a final meeting with each actor and the entire ACTION Hollywood team to review the entire process.